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America's Got Talent

Welcome to America's Got Talent! We are the judges Simon, Mel B, Heidi, and Howie! We welcome you all to America's Got Talent and we hope you enjoy. Help us in the quest to get the AGT Lego Set!

Features of the Build:

One 1:8 scale model of the AGT stage
Judges Podium
4 exchangeable x marks
Simon Minifigure
Mel B Minifigure
Heidi Minifigure
Howie Minifigure
Magic Show 

Magic Show? Singer? What?

What's the point of having an AGT Stage when you can't put on a show? That is why I decided to include two shows into this set. I added a singer and a magic show. They both don't have anything to do with the actual show but I added them for roleplay reason.

Why would this be a great idea?

This would be great because of how much this set can be expanded upon. This set has so much variety and things you can customize. You can make the show you want, have the judges judge their way and have fun while building it all

Why is the X on the judge's stand invisible?

The X on the judges stand didn't generate and also I couldn't find the perfect piece to match it.

Why you should support it?

Your all ready here so might as well. If you don't, I can't see why you did.

Please support this build and make sure to check out my other builds such as LAKESIDE STORIES, and BABY SHARK, and the mini AGT!!!

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