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Boat Cruise Control

Ready to experience a realistic boat cruise control?
If so, please watch

I thought that it would be a great idea if we can design a boat cockpit dashboard game made of Lego bricks with a realistic sailing effect! 
You can start the main functions from the key on the dashboard after you power up the battery box. You can reach the box from the front cover after you open it by turning the lever arm placed on the dashboard. This turning action makes it possible to lift the front cover plate by the gear mechanism inside. This part is also used for maintenance, such as changing the batteries by simply taking out the battery box from the skid.

During the sailing, you can increase your speed with 3-speed gear switch bar, which creates difficulties to control sailing because of the high velocity. Thanks to the tremendous Lego Technic Parts!
You can easily control the tiny boat, just behind the window to keep it on sailing route by a special vintage ship rudder, which works very smoothly for moving the tiny boat in front of the screen.
One of the most important parts of the model (and maybe the one that motivated me most) is the realistic sea and water sticker, all made of Lego! (Thanks to Lego Xtra)    

Once I have found the curved windows from the previous sets, then the only remaining process was to obtain a perfect cylinder for creating a realistic sailing experience after I have provided this turning action by combining the power engine fed by the 3-speed gearbox.
While you are sailing, watch out the fishes! You should improve your sailing skills to avoid any possible sailing problem...
I hope you would also enjoy as much as I do. Many thanks for your supports in advance!
I think this model could also be improved by integrating special boat sailing application linked to this cool dashboard via mobile phones in the future…
I hope we can see an official Lego of this special toy in the near future with your valuable supports!
Length; 32 cm
Width; 25 cm
Height; 22 cm
‘’May you have fair winds and following seas!’’

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