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Tree and Birds


Friendly Update

Hello Everyone!

Thank you all for the continuous support!

Here's a friendly update for you all!

A friend of mine loved this model and wondered how her birds would look in this model! and this is amazing because this shows how LEGO can be about unbounded creativity, so here's the result!


1K gone wild!

Hello and thank you all! today we reached 1K supporters! an important milestone in just a few weeks! And to celebrate it we have gone wild! the Tree flowers have bloomed golden and drawn the attention of some beautiful Wild Birds, Two Macaws, and a friendly Toucan! 

These Birds are part of the Brazillian Fauna, so I designed them as a tribute to my home country. Unfortunately, many species of these lovely and beautiful creatures are endangered and facing extinction, especially the Blue Macaw, so this is not only a tribute to one of the most exquisite creatures nature has given us but also a call to being a responsible person, preserving our beloved nature, and condemning the ruthless deforestation. you do not need to degrade the precious habitat of these animals to behold and admire them! now you may have your own LEGO versions and be able to pay a special tribute to them with this lovely model!

Here are some pictures for you!



Today we reached 500 Votes! Great news! And to celebrate here's a cool new update. I've redesigned the model with autumn leaves and three new birds, all of them domestic, the Cockatoo, the Cockatiel, and a blue Parakeet, hope you all enjoy it and stay tuned for further updates!


Structural Sneak Peek

Thanks everyone for your continuous support!

Here's a sneak peek on how I created the structure for this tree. It may not seem pretty without the leaves or even seem a bit messy, but the branches were carefully positioned to ensure a proper connection of all leaves in the model so that it gave a nice and not too symmetrical look but also created an stunning display of flowers and leaves. the bigger branches were also carefully positioned to ensure a natural positioning for the three wild birds.

Be sure to stay tuned for updates as I'm preparing some cool new features and changes to this model.


200 supporters in just 3 days!

Thank you all for your support! 200 supporters in just 3 days is an important milestone! Now we all know what this model represents, this is not only a stunning piece of display but also a complete tribute to Mother Nature, we've already seen nature-themed models but this one features a small flowering tree with three beautiful birds, now as a thank you note for everyone's support, here's a closer look on the birds featured on this model!

hope you all enjoy it!

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