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Hasselblad v System (500-Series / 200-Series) Medium Format Film Camera 1:1 Scale

The Hasselblad V-system Medium Format Film Camera requires no introduction. Whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, chances are you are already familiar with their legendary design, build quality, modularity, optical and mechanical excellence. I have been a fan, an avid user and a collector of these beautiful vintage objects for a few years now, and it is my pleasure to recreate this in LEGO form.

My most important objective is try to recreate this at roughly 1:1 scale, so the builder can really get a sense of what it feels like to hold and operate one of these beautiful machines. The second goal is to recreate the system's modularity. The lens, camera body, film magazine, film holder, viewfinder are all designed to be individually detachable, interchangeable, and easily put back together. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it has to accurately capture the same iconic design, shape and details of the original camera. Some of the standout techniques for me include: door rails and jumper plates used to show the iconic chrome trims; half-plate offset cheese slopes to gap the angles for the prism viewfinder; and a 6-wide window panel to represent the focusing screen. There are also smaller details represented here that only the most eagle-eyed Hasselblad fan would notice, such as the red frame indicator on the body and the film magazine, as well as the tiny blue line on the leftside of the prism viewfinder.

I believe this to be an iterative process, and I hope to continue to improve the model's structural integrity, accuracy, and functions. Therefore please feel free to comment/message me all your suggestions on how I can make this model even better!

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