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My Lego Totoro - Catbus


I am utterly delighted to present to you Catbus from the 1988 Studio Ghibli animated film My Neighbor Totoro.

Growing up I adored the films from Studio Ghibli, but none more so than My Neighbor Totoro. Perhaps I felt a kinship with the characters as my own parent was often sickly. More likely I fell in love with the cute and cuddly rendition of spirits and other creatures. As I grew older, I forgot about my love for this film till later on in life; but when I did I knew it had to be made LEGO.

A marathon of, several migraines and a bout of insomnia later I finally felt like this build was everything I'd want to see in my living room right meow! It was challenging but ever so worth it. With a whole bag of hidden surprises, this build was a blast. I give to you My LEGO Totoro - Catbus.

Finished, this My LEGO Totoro - Catbus set measures over 9.8 inch (25cm, 31.4 studs) high, 27.7 inch (70cm, 88 studs) long, and 8.5 (21cm, 27 studs) wide (CATBUS ONLY), and is best suited for intermediate builders.

The set comes out at 1765 parts. This includes a posable Catbus that is sturdy and requires no external stand (head, legs and tail all have ranges of motion), removable roof for play, brick-built Totoro (waiting for the bus scene, with switchable expression), brick-built medium and small Totoro, 1 Minifigure and 1 Microfigure: Satsuki Kusakabe (Meeting Totoro and Searching for Mei), Mei Kusakabe (Sleeping).

The Satsuki minifigure features two faces and two outfits so you can display them with a smile or worried face, as well as the corresponding outfit dependent on which scene your portraying.


Get ready to feel nostalgic with this build featuring keen attention to detail. Catbus is accurate to film with six pairs of legs (front most has two stripes, remaining have one), seventeen windows (7 on each side, two in the front, and one bay in the back), front and back rat lights (you could use LED's and light bricks to really make the scene come to life), and six whiskers!

  • I'd like to plant some acorns. Too bad I can't find any. Seems like small and medium Totoro have collected them all, but where are they storing them?

  • Wait at the bus stop with Satsuki and Mei and don't forget the extra umbrella for Dad! If you're wondering when he'll arrive you can check the handy schedule.
  • "Next stop, Mei!." Your destination might be coming up soon so look at the indicator in front. Great opportunity for some stickers here and would allow you to direct the Catbus route.

  • Looks like we've got some stowaways. Good thing loud noises seem to scare them easily. Even a Catbus has Soot Sprites I suppose.
  • Hey now don't leave your candy on the bus! Caramel lollies are delicious, but they make for some seriously sticky fur.
  • a cat I've seen it all. A brick-built ear of corn pays homage to the corn Mei tries to bring to her mother in the hospital.


Well because all I want for Christmas is for this to become a reality. No but seriously. I know this would be an incredible set that could be used as decoration, display and an eye-catching conversation starter. It would be a must have for Studio Ghibli fans around the globe and honestly doesn't that grin just make you want to smile.

~ 10 000 votes can bring this dream to fruition, let's work together to make this LEGO set real! Help by clicking the support button. Already done? High five! Want to continue supporting, please share #MYLEGOTOTOROCATBUS on social media(s). Next stop is your house!

Brickdusa - Sierra Lee - Canada

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