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The Adventure Gamer (Floating Bridge)

A lot of years ago I started to play video games. It was really funny to play on the TV. Now in 2023 the progress of video gaming is impressive. If I start my games sometimes I think I am directly in the game.
And this what I want to show.
Rufus the gamer started his adventure game and he wants to reach the next possibility to store. But before this he has to pass the dangerous bridge. As you can see he is prepared with snacks and drinks for the next hours to play.
For the scene of the adventure I created a „floating“ bridge. The bridge is fixed with three chains and hangs over a small river. The scene should show a world where the nature tries to win back more space.
My idea includes 2 minifigures, Rufus the gamer, Will the lone wanderer and his dog Fate.
This creation is planed for adults who are interested in gaming and want to show their love to games. It is not a „play“ set.
I think currently the AFOLs are very interested in Lego sets which they can put to a show case and my creation is perfect for this because of the floating bridge. And on the way to more realistic games, it is a nice set to show how it feels.

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