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Lego Monsters

In a part of H.P.L, there are super creatures that are attacking the city, meanwhile, there are super massive heroes who are going to save the city.

This is Flame Rox. A fire rock creature that is the scout. And he is the second in comand (in the evilfire tipes) so you do not want to mess with this guy. There is a leader of the fire tipe.

I was surprised about Lego Cuusoo when I new that you can post your creations and there is a chance that your project will become a real Lego set! So I went and I build a Lego creation and this is it! I like showing my ideas at all the people, and also supporting other people’s work.

H.P.L stands for Hero. Power. League. I needed to come up with a hero team name and H.P.L just ran into my head. And then I chose what it means. I also I didn’t do it at home I build it in the Lego store.

This is Mark I or HexeKon. A ice tipe with a Ice Blade and a Ice Bringer (weapons). He is one of the 9 leaders. As leader of the ice tribe this guy has a canon in his back (Not illustrated) with a claw. This guy was made with 2 Stormers (Brain attack). Pretty cool what you can do with 2 sets?

This is SpikyTooth. The leader of the Fire tipe (bad guys).

In my creations (and an other guy who made HornBlade) there are 9 tipes in Lego Monsters.
Here they are: ice,fire,rock,water,junk,life,dragon,Poison and thunder. You can also get mixed tipes (example: Poison Rock tipe). If you like This please support this to get a chance of getting your one! made by: Tomidanger with a friend.

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