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Row House

Hello, this is my latest project made out of Lego.

It is a row house that can be connected to other houses. It has two floors, a small green area behind the house and a flat roof. I built this house to expand my existing Lego street.

The façade has a flat design. I wanted to craft a slick look made of glaced ceramic tiles.

On the ground floor there is a dining room with a kitchenette and an exit on both sides to the street and to the garden. The street light in front of the house fits to the industrial style of the façade. On the first floor I created a bed room with four big windows to let enough light shine into it. Other pieces of furniture are a piano, a chest of drawers and a fauteuil.

There is also a lot of space inside. So you are able to extend the rooms with your own furniture or even play with minifigures.

I think this house will make a great Lego set to expand your existing Lego Creators City set that you can connect to.

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