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Multipurpose Ship the New Horizon

The LEGO shipyards present the new multipurpose ship the New Horizon. Let's leave the port and set sail and discover the world.

I introduce you to my new project. My ship the New Horizon is the newest creation from me. Welcome on board.

The ship has many great play areas and options. A helicopter platform with a helicopter. There are two inflatables boats available. Equipment is available for divers. The large cargo area has space for goods to be transported.

In addition to a modern bridge is located inside the ship. A laboratory is available for research.

The bridge

Modern instrument help the crew to steer the ship safely. The captain keeps the overview. 2 helmsmen are responsible for the course. A modern radar is also used. The technician also monitors the machine's data.

The laboratory

In the laboratory guests, researchers or clients will find modern instruments, tools and areas for meetings. The ship is versatile and so customers decide how they want to work with the laboratory. Weather researchers are currently on the ship and work.

Lower area

The crew quarters can be found in the belly of the ship. It has comfortable beds, a break room with a TV. Right next to it, the cook is cooking lunch in the galley. A fire extinguisher can be found there for safety. The ship's technician's workshop is also down there, with lots of tools and a workbench ready.


A diver prepares on the deck. A sailor helps him. The helicopter is also needed and takes off immediately to pick up other passengers.

The set

The set has a modular structure and all areas can be dismantled. In this way, all areas can also be used. I like minifigures, and so I should have lots of them with me to play with. The set consists of 2068 LEGO bricks.

Why the idea?

I think a lot of LEGO fans like ships. A big ship as a set would also be great and it would find a lot of fans. To have a lot of fun, I built a multi-purpose ship. With it can implement all possible play ideas and have fun. And that makes a great set in my opinion and could inspire a lot of fans. That's why I implemented this idea here.

Thank for the support and the feedback. Please share it with your friends on all channels and check my other projects.

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