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Classic Space Jet Bike and Spacecraft


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“New spaceships that will advance the exploration of the galaxy.”

- Admiral Dealthorn


These are a new class of spaceship to explore the galaxy. No wonder Admiral Daelthorn was excited! If you want to advance the exploration of the galaxy, you should support!

Anyways, to the details of the build.

There are two spacecraft. One is a jetbike, and the other is a small spacecraft.

The jetbike is an updated version of a previous model that I built. It has two engines in the back, a protective laser in the front, a delta wing (Inspired by classic space delta wings), and a cockpit for a minifigure.
The spacecraft has a delta wing, four engines in the back, two lasers in the front, and a cockpit for a minifigure.
I do not have any classic space minifigures, so if I update it that will be one of the first things I update. Please let me know if you have any ideas for this set! I would love to hear your opinion!

Keep building!

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