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Palaeontologist Fossil Find


Palaeontologist Fossil Find

Depicting the discovery of the remains of a Plesiosaur!

Inspired by Mary Anning, the English fossil collector, hunter and amateur palaeontologist.

She hunted for fossils around the cliffs of Dorset with her dog Tray, and is responsible for the first ichthyosaur skeleton correctly identified, finding two complete plesiosaur skeletons and much more.
Sadly during her life she never got full credit for her scientific contributions.

Huge dinosaur and fossil fan so had fun trying to depict the plesiosaur fossil in Lego.

Set would includes Palaeontologist minifure, dog and seagull

(brown dog used here but would be nice to have a white and black one to better represent Tray)

Comments, and constructive feedback is much appreciated, thanks for viewing!

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