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Mission To Mars

This Lego set features two astronauts who have just become the first people to land on Mars. On this rocky planet is the biggest mountain in the whole solar system called Olympus Mons and to the left is a water molecule that the astronauts have yet to find (hidden under a grill piece).
In front of the water molecule is a flag that the astronauts have planted in the ground. The planet has lots of hardened lava all over the ground that has come out of Olympus Mons - a shield volcano. Mars is known as the red planet due to the iron minerals which have become rusted and so it looks red from Earth. We decided to make the base plate red and cover it in red and orange different shape bricks to represent the rocky surface. 
The Earth is attached to an axle piece and fixes into a turntable so that it can rotate.
Above Mars is Earth and to the left is the moon which is very cool. To the right is a space rocket that has blasted off to bring the astronauts back home to Earth as their space ship was badly damaged when they landed. On the top of Earth is the North Pole and to the bottom is Antarctica which are both very cold. These areas are covered in a white brick to make it look like the snow covered poles. The astronauts have been in space before and they are very happy because they are the first humans to walk on Mars.
We built this set because we really love space as there is so many exciting and undiscovered areas to look at. Our favourite planet is also Mars! When we built the Earth we thought it would be cool to make the base as Mars floor so that you can get an idea of what it must be like to look at Earth from another planet. 
We think this would make a great set because someone who was really into space would be able to play with this as a stand alone set or can add it to their other space sets to make it into a whole new adventure. 

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