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LEGO Thermal Bath

This is my idea of a LEGO thermal bath. It would fit perfectly in a LEGO City for children to play with but even also in the modular building series for adults to add to their collection. 
There are so many buildings to create your individual LEGO City or to just have a great building to display.

We have: a hotel, a café, a restaurant, a library, a police station, etc… 
But I asked myself where the minifigures can go to relax in their free time? 
In my opinion, there is a set missing that is not made like the others, a variation so that you can pause from building buildings next to buildings, a set that variate the LEGO City and that doesn’t focus on the building itself and what is inside, but directs your attention on what is going on outside, behind the face of the building, the thermal bath: it is an outdoor pool to enjoy the sun and relax. 

If you think that would fit in a LEGO City or in the modular building series or even if you just simply like what you see, I would feel honored if you support my idea! 

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