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Attack of the Ocean Monsters


This and the other mine projects were born from my passion for LEGO CASTLE sets and for the fantasy world.

My ideas come from what I would like to see on toys shop’s shelves to implement my collection.

This set is built using LDD and represents the attack of a knight’s boat by two of the worst mythical ocean monsters: the Kraken and the giant Sea Snake (Pic. 5).

The Kraken is an enormous red octopus with long tentacles able to destroy easily a big boat (Pic. 6).

The Sea Snake is a legendary monster with a long green body, full of flakes, that surround in its turns every boat that unlikely meet it in the ocean (Pic. 8).

Both that monsters live in the deep of the sea and their existence is a nightmare for every sailor in the world.

In the set there are also 2 knight minifigures (Pic. 12), two heroes that are fighting against the two giant threats to save their boat and their lives (Pic. 11).

To help the knights, on the boat it is present a big cannon able to shoot a giant arrow against the Krakenhead (Pic. 9-10).

The boat is completely at the waves mercy and it’s at the same time surrounded by the Sea Snake’s turns (Pic. 7) and attacked by the Kraken’s tentacles whom  can be moved (Pic. 1-2) by the blue lever in the bottom right part of the set (Pic. 3-4).

The Sea Snake’ body is completely jointed so it’s possible to turn and modify it as you prefer.

All the set should be upgraded with just few pieces not present in LDD (in particular referred to the torn sails of the boat).

The set is made up of 1161  bricks.

If you trust that this project could be reality, 10.000 thanks to you for your vote! Enjoy!!

Rumens 85

I hope you like this project and any feedback is appreciated. If you are interested please check out my other projects (follow the link below) and support that, if you like!!!

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