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The Bioneers

BIONEERS = Biological engineers; biology pioneers.

Biological engineering is all around us, from food to medicine to energy and the environment. Biological engineers can be biologists, engineers, chemists, physicists, computer scientists, or mathematicians who apply knowledge from their fields to analyze problems in biological systems and to design of new ways of modifying or enhancing these systems.
This set contains three scenes of bioneers, either in the workplace or with a model of their work. The project celebrates women in these fields and provides early exposure to the important discoveries and inventions related to the engineering of biological systems.
Included in the set:
  • 131 total parts
  • Engineering lab with storage compartments, venting hood, flasks, and computer.
  • Engineering bench with microscope, chair, chemical containers, and petri dishes.
  • DNA double helix model. 
  • Five minifigures (final designs would feature safety goggles on one side of each head):

Dr. Dowd and Dr. Crisp work together to devise new ways of editing DNA, the molecule that encodes "instructions" for the development of living organisms.

Dr. Hemond and Dr. Bhasi create better, safer methods for delivering medicine to cancer patients and new ways to repair and regenerate damaged tissues.

Dr. Berloni develops chemical tools to see, map, and monitor important interactions in biological systems that would otherwise be invisible.

Full complement of accessories:

Thanks very much for your support of this project!

Additional images are available via the Bioneers Flickr album.

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