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Plant(y) Bike


I built this model, while playing with my little brothers. In our game a group of minifigures found a time machine and travelled to the future. In this future there were for example those bikes, people were driving with. They helped the other minifigures to find a way back to their time, because they actually did not know how to use the future technology. This causes a wild trip through the whole universe, in which all those minifigures and some other living lego things became friends. Okay there was one enemy, but with the help of all their friends he got defeated and at the end everyone was back in the right time.

This model combines plants and a vehicle, which in our story was able to drive over land, but also dive in the oceans. Future Lego minifigures found out, how to combine technical innovation and natural evolution. The great advantage of this development is, that you just need to water your car, or bike, or plain from time to time, so that the plant part of your vehicle does not dry out.

It was not really hard to build and it is driving well. It is easy to handle, stable and has got place for two minifigures, even if just one is needed to drive it. My brothers and I had got a lot of fun with this model, that is why I think other people could like it too.

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