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The Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China. Many, including me, are fascinated by The Great Wall of China, a defense complex of impressing 6000 km. The building of the fortification started as early as 300 years BC and lasted until the 17th century. Both the extended time period and the size of the wall stimulates the imagination and makes one wonder what it looked like when it was in use. Soldiers on guard to defend the wall from Mongol attack and farmers using the wall as a country road in the otherwise impassable mountains.

About The Project 
There are many fantastic Lego castles with the European Middle Ages in focus. With this project, I wanted to build a fortification that focuses on Asian and especially Chinese culture. With this building of The Great Wall of China, I wanted to add something new to the medieval castle theme, namely a fortification from China.
In the project, I chose to build The Great Wall as it looked during the most epic period of the wall's history, the Ming Dynasty. This period was between 1368 and 1644. What the Ming Dynasty added to the wall was something completely new for its time, the brick. The technology of brick construction was revolutionary and the bricks are as made for Lego, aren´t they? Thanks to the bricks of the Ming Dynasty, I was able to replace the color of gray stone castles with tan as the color of the manufactured bricks. With this project I want to recreate the impressive fortification that The Great Wall of China was during the Ming Dynasty.

The Build
The wall is made in sections that can be combined together as needed during play. This allows you to change the wall according to your own taste and how the play evolves. The wall consists of 9 sections;
  • A watchtower
  • Two stairs to higher ground
  • A lower straight section
  • A lower section with a bend
  • A higher section with a bend
  • A secret passage to carry out a counterattack
  • Two end sections

The watchtower is the main building and where the garrison who guard this part of the wall are living. The tower consists of three floors
  • The basement, where the garrison store their food. The basement also has a kitchen and tables for the soldiers meals
  • The 1st floor contains the reception room for the officer and is the garrisons weapon depot
  • The 2nd floor has a toilet with stunning view over the area

The shortest section of the wall is a secret path. From the outside of the wall, the enemy can’t see any difference to any other part of the wall. But from the inside the Ming soldiers can knock down the wall of the secret path and perform a counterattack. The secret passage is added as an element to stimulate play (and some sources tells that this hidden passage has existed for real…).

With the division of the wall into standard sections and the secret passage, I think this project stimulate the imagination and make the build playable.

The set also includes two cannons. After all, China is the birthplace of gunpowder.

Module size:
The set consists of approximately 2,800 pieces and includes 8 minifigures
The length of the set is 1 meter (40 inches)

Great Thanks for your support!

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