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Prehistoric World: Ice Age

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In an attempt to revive extinct species and extraordinary creatures that once walked our planet, I came up with this design concept which captures the lifestyle of human and animals during the Pleistocene period (a.k.a. Ice Age). Since Lego has already produced quite a number of dinosaur-related sets, why not bringing back extinct animals from a more recent time as well? If you are a big fan of Ice Age and scientific TV shows such as Walking with Beast and Prehistoric Park, you simply cannot miss this!
See below for the list of potential models that I proposed:

Fearsome Dog/ Dire Wolf: Canis Dirus
Higher resolution picture:

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: Andrewsarchus
Higher resolution picture:

Woolly Rhinoceros: Coelodonta
Higher resolution picture:

Giant Mighty Mammoth
Higher resolution picture:

Saber-tooth Cat: Smilodon

These models were completely built with Lego Digital Designer, meaning there are strictly no tricky/illegal building techniques and no new pieces required. If you like my creation and want them to become reality, don’t forget to vote for my project as mentioned above. Alternatively, you may also support this project by sharing it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter. Any comments will also be greatly appreciated. And since you are already here, take a look around and vote for other projects as well. There are awesome designs out there that also need your support.

(Note: Just in case you are wondering what happened to the minifigures, there are more to come. In fact, this whole project is still under development as you are reading these lines, so make sure to come back regularly for more.)