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Marvel Origins


All heroes start somewhere.

In this set of vignettes, each standing on 6 x 6 flat plates, you can experience the origins of 3 of Marvel's biggest heroes: Spider-Man, The Hulk, and Iron Man.

The Peter Parker vignette includes a spider and camera, and mainly consists of a glass cage that the øø spider is contained in. The side of the cage can be opened to release the spider onto Peter Parker.

Included in the Bruce Banner vignette is a bottle with a green liquid inside, and an injection syringe. The focus of this one is the table that can hold Banner down as he is injected with the Super-Soldier Serum.

The Tony Stark vignette consists of a hammer, the Jericho Missile, a small rock formation, and an easel with the torso of the Mark I propped up on it. 

If your a fan of the Marvel Comics, and would like to see these classic scenes recreated in small LEGO vignettes, please support this project!

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