Disney Wonder, Magic, Fantasy or Dream Cruise Ships

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    5% of the way there...


    Well, we're 5% of the way there. But we've lost visibility and momentum :( If everyone that'd looked had supported we'd have it already.  Maybe next time I should try a Lego R2-D2 all dressed up for Christmas...

    Mini Lego Wonder Cruise Ships


    As you may have noticed, I have a smaller version of the Wonder for those of you concerned about the size: https://ideas.lego.com/projects/64542  Support both, and lets see which one Lego thinks is good for the marketplace!

    Also: please remember to tweet, facebook & otherwise share this project.  We've lost visibility and are way behind on our count.  Unfortunately the math doesn't work UNLESS we can get more traction from social media, or blog posts or whatever.  YOUR help sharing can make a huge difference in whether we get the 10,000 votes or not.

    Better video link?


    Here's the video linked to in the description, it seems like many of you missed it.  Enjoy.

    Big Wonder helped Mini Wonder win Brickcon award


    Big Wonder helped Mini Wonder win Brickcon award

    At Brickcon 2012 I took the Lego Disney Wonder to the show, along with the Mini Wonder and Micro Wonder for the micro scale area.  At the awards ceremony I was amazed to be chosen as a winner of the "Vehicle Size Matters" category.  There were tons of great competing MOCs, but a deciding factor was that I'd been able to present the same concept in multiple scales.  I was fairly humbled to be chosen, as I said there were tons of great MOCs.

    Here's a picture of the trophy, which is a pretty excellent little city.  I like the little cars, elevated train, non-parallel lines, the dock and the cool use of bricks.  I sort of feel like the trophy should've won :)

    As a bonus, the Micro Wonder even fits on the trophy itself pretty well!





    Support is dropping, please share!!!


    As expected, we dropped off the top of the "Discover" page and have only had a few supports today.  To get back on track we're going to need more support.  Please tweet or retweeet a link to the project, http://ideas.lego.com/projects/63519, or facebook it, or whatever, but please share!  Use great tags, like "Cruise Ship" and "Lego" and "Disney".

    Colors of the Lego Disney Wonder


    (Ack, it happened, we dropped off the "Discover" list and now our supporting rate has tanked.  To make this succeed, we're going to need more votes, share with your friends, tweet, facebook it, etc.  Thanks.)


    One of the questions I got while I was building the Lego Wonder on the real Disney Wonder was "Why didn't you make the hull black?"  I was taken aback, the Disney ship's hulls aren't black, so I was surprised she asked, particularly since we were aboard the ship in question.  But its pretty easy to see why she thought so. Next time we boarded, I took this picture of the hull as proof:

    All of the Disney cruise ships are based on the colors of, can you guess, Mickey Mouse!  And the hull isn't really black, it's a very dark blue, apparently the Imagineers thought totally black was too sinister.  How it appears in photos depends on the lighting, weather and other factors.  In quite a few colors it looks pretty close to black, and in others it looks pretty blue, like above.

    It's only appropriate that the Disney ships have magically color shifting hull paint!

    So when I set out to build the Lego Wonder, I remembered that the hull was blue and tried to start from that.  It looked terrible with blue Lego bricks!  So then I tried black, which was significantly better, but still not quite right.  Then I found the "Earth Blue" color, which is really pretty close, a hair better than black, and way better than blue.  What I ended up with is a lot like the real ship. 

    Take a look at the description tab, the "hero" shot up top has a very dark hull.  Just underneath the hull looks pretty blue.  In practice the Lego Disney Wonder, depending on lighting looks somewhere between black and a blue slightly bluer than the real Wonder ever shows.

    The other color choices also follow Mickey colors.  Indeed, to keep the theme, the Imagineers wanted to use mickey's yellow for the lifeboats, however lifeboats are typically a bright orange.  Apparently they did some tests on the visibility and got a special exception to permit the Disney colored boats.

    So that's the story of the unique colors of both the Lego and real Disney Wonders.  More info about them at http://disneycruiselineblog.com/2012/07/its-all-in-the-details-the-mystery-of-the-black-hull-is-it-really-black/

    Don't forget to support if you haven't already, subscribe if you want to find the updates easier, and share please!  A few people have expressed interested in writing about this project, but we really need broad awareness if we have a hope of getting the nearly 9900 supporters we still need.  Thanks very much to the 133 supporters we already have!

    Don't forget to see the video and blog!


    Cool, we passed 100 updates and are over a day ahead of the deadline if we can keep up this rate, which will be hard.

    Make sure you check out the video http://tinyurl.com/m8dmd3h  

    And the blog story http://tinyurl.com/ad6lge3

    The links are fun.

    Support Early, Support Often (ok, maybe not often), and share!

    50 supporters, we're .5% of the way there!


    I'll get more meat in my next update, so follow please.  But I wanted to share a bit with you about the current support trajectory.  I blinked and a new supporter was added :) but I'm concerned about the project's visibility.  I'll share another photo at the bottom as thanks for your attention.

    The Disney Cruise Ships project is lucky that it was posted on a Friday, because we've had all weekend being "new".  But tomorrow there're going to be more new projects and either Monday or Tuesday this project is going to be harder to discover.  So if we want this thing to happen, we're going to have to get more supporters from word of mouth or other places.

    If you count the average support per day that we need, we're "on track", barely, as 30 supporters per day would get us a little over 10K in a year.  But, as I said, the project is about to get harder to find, and I fear that once we drop off the radar, the per-day supporters will go way down.

    So please support the project, it's really easy.  95% of the views aren't supporting, so getting a few more % would help a ton.  If you already supported and really want this to happen, please share with friends or other places where people would be happy to support this (but don't cross the line into spam please :)

    As promised, here's mickey and the gang with the Lego Wonder in the atrium of the real Wonder. (Hmm the ideas website clipped Pluto in half).

    Stay tuned, I'll talk more about the model and less about supporting in the next update.


    Don't forget to share!


    Please support now... It's easy, just hit the support button!

    Since it's only been up for a few hours, I think we're off to a great start, only 99.9% to go!  Don't forget to hit the support button, pretty, pretty please! 

    And you know you want to see your Lego Cruise Ship as a real set, so please share.  Lego made it really, really easy, just hit the social media buttons to tweet and post to your Facebook wall.

    Additionally, feel free to comment.  Apparently your comments get you "Clutch Power" on the new Lego Ideas site, and really well favorite comments get even more.

    Granted, it's only been a few hours, but I've noticed that 80% of the people are glancing at the page and drifting off without supporting. I'm sure you aren't one of those, you've already hit the support button, right?  

    And I'm sure some of you are trying to teach your dog, or your friend's cat, how to open an account so they can support it to.  (Please don't make your cat or dog support, they're probably under age, and I'm sure its against one of the rules, we all did read the rules, right?).  But do remember to share the link with your friends and help us get to 10K as quick as we can. 

    Here's a photo from Brickcon 2012.  (Red velvet Disney craftsman handcrafted display board not included).

    Remember to support.

    Remember to share.


    PS: You may want to follow me, not just the project.  (Hit the "Kresty" hotlink to go to my profile then hit follow).  I have some future project ideas that'll probably interest at least some of you.  You can also subscribe to my twitter or Facebook, though I'm not sure those'll be terrible exciting.