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Tandem Roller Compactor / Road Construction

Thank you very much for checking out my Tandem roller compactor project from the asphalt road construction! 

Allow me to introduce you to what it is all about. Even as a child, I watched road construction with fascination, which became my job as an adult. The first thought was to build an asphalt paver, because I didn't find it in the Lego sets and Ideas.
Then I thought that if I already had a paver, I should have everything necessary for road construction!
So, here is the Tandem roller compactor.
The tandem roller compactors are responsible for making the track structures smooth and compact. The large steel drums are can't be steered, so they have articulated joint body. They have to roll forth and back a lot, so there are steering devices at both ends of the cab. Quite often 3-4 or more works on an asphalting site. Some are also equipped with a diamond cutting disc for edge cutting.

This tandem roller compactor is only one element of a complete road construction machine chain please look at the other units in my Ideas, which could be used to assemble a complete road construction site.

It was so nice to see in my son's construction kit about 10 years ago when I first saw the orange element appeared, that these vehicles were mostly made of it. I think it fits the construction machines very well, and I really hope you will like and support them all!

I wanted to create a building set that I would have loved to play with when I was a child. If you think it was successful, please support it, and you can check my other road construction sets too.
If you find it worthwhile, please recommend them to others, because I am not present on social media.

I warmly recommend it to all children who like road builders and to anyone interested in road construction. I would like to express my appreciation to everyone around the world who chose this difficult profession.
I also recommend it to my children.

Thank you so much for reading, and please check out my other road construction ideas!

I wish you good day and good health!

Sincerely : Máté

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