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Trafalgar Square


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 .This is a lego model of the famous Trafalgar Square in london

As you can clearly see in the pic, at the moment, the model includes only the statue itself and the stands on which the lions are supposed to lie down (I am working on the lions, not an easy job though). In the following days I am going to update this model with the lions and other features which I or the community want to add.


  • Nelson's column - the main and famous monument in trafalgar square
  • Lion statues (to be added) - the four statues "guarding" Nelson's column
  • Sir Henry Havelock's statue (to be added) - The statue standing to the right of Nelson's column
  • Sir Charles James Napier's statue (to be added) - Stands to the left of Nelson's column
  • Fountains (to be added by demand) - The two fountains standing behind Nelson's column


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