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Vintage Scale Berkel

Who has never seen, used or wanted a famous scale like this!!

Wilhelmus Adrianus van Berkel was a Dutch butcher with a great passion for mechanics, from the manual use of knives he built the first automatic slicer in history. In 1898 Berkel founded the first factory in Rotterdam; from the following year until the end of the 1930s, Berkel filed many new patents famous throughout the world. One of these patents is the scale with hidden weights, an element which today, in addition to still being usable, is highly sought after as a furnishing object.

In this model I have recreated the exact same characteristics, functioning and furnishings.
With its 2970 pieces we will build a 1:3 scale scale completely faithful in detail to the original. The counterweight mechanism is obviously simplified but functional. By placing a weight on the tray, two toothed tracks move a combination of 4 wheels which turn a central one to which the pointer is attached. The central counterweights then ensure that everything returns to its initial position once the weight has been removed from the platter.
Finally, the 4 support feet have the possibility of lifting the scale in three directions for leveling. To obtain the flatness of the object I created a very fun little front level.

If you like my way of building and the set in question, don't wait, vote for me!!
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