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Solar Impulse 2


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Solar Impulse 2 made it around the world. 40.000km without fuel. Betrand Piccard wrote: "a first for energy, take it further!" 

This Project will take it further and start a second exploration to change the LEGO World. This Project is not only a contribution to the Solar Impulse ProjectBertrand Piccard and André Borschberg set out and accomplished something that still seems impossible today: the First Round-The-World Solar Flight, powered only by the sun, with no fuel or polluting emissions. That was a big step for two men and a giant leap for mankind! Additional the project will start a challenge to design a Lego Model of a real flying airplane.
The challenge is to build, eventually modify and finish this modle with the right lightweight foil (e.g. ORACOVER Oralight) and bring it to the air. The real SI2 has a glide ratio of 35:1. Can a Lego airplane reach a glide ratio at least over 8:1 and land on the ground without destroying the modle?

The Lego Solar Impulse 2 (SI2) facts:

  • 232 bricks
  • 152 nobs wing-span

A real flying lego modle still seems impossible, but it is still a challenge. Their are already exist some successfully tries of individual custom build real flying Lego Modle:

Please contribute this project by supporting, following and comments in order to accomplished something that still seems impossible.

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