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Battle of Umbara!

I wish that the epic vehicles of Umbarans from the Clone Wars could be in lego..... This was more challenging than i thought The hover tank and the clone vehicles turned out great but the starfighter didn't turn out exactly as i hoped. The minifigures would include: 6 Umbarans, General Pong Krell, 3 clone troopers, Captain Rex in phase II Armour, and Hardcase. The estimated price is $79.99 (I know it's alot of money but this set has ALOT of bricks and ALOT of minifigures)

The Umbaran Starfighter.....

The Umbaran Hover Tank.......

Custom clone vehicles:
Clone Speeder with a side pod with a cannon on it
Custom AT-RT
All are in a dark red because i think that suits Umbara.

Hardcase with a Rotary Cannon......

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