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Mercedes G Klasse


Hi Lego fans,

that's how you see my version of the G Class Mercedes. I had long been the idea of a self-made Lego model and thought long about what to build. And after much back and forth, I decided for this SUV.

Even I am fascinated by remote-controlled vehicles built from Lego and the G class should also be so (Lego Power Functions). The first sample models in the digital designers were also very promising, except for the steering. I wanted two XL-motors for each axis and the steering servo. On the computer, everything looked good to the chassis and I ordered the first parts.

Then the problems began in earnest. The SUV was too short and too narrow. From the steering should work, not to mention. So back to the LDD.

I looked at my Lego collection of technic and thought with the set to achieve good results 8110. I then used the wheel hanging the Unimog U400 for my model. Then I ordered calculate the blueprint, put the pieces together and made the first test drive. That was bad, no really bad. Forward and reverse folded, but the steering did what they wanted to or not correct.

Now I had to tinker again to turn the steering to the right. One or the other went well, but with the rest of the car was nothing more. It was a slap in my face. Since the structure of the SUV I had already finished between the problems came in the LDD out the engines and put the body on the chassis.

After assembly, with almost 1,800 parts, the G class and without Power Functions (unfortunately) was a floor model in front of me and now makes my VW van and the Mini Cooper society.

Maybe you all and me, the happiness that appears this SUV as a set and is available on the desk, on a shelf or in your collector's display.

Your _andi_k_


To all the even create something: Make compromises, but do not give up on your idea !!!!

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