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Swamp Tree Fort


I had some friends over and opened my biggest LEGO tub so that we could all free build. It was when one friend asked me what I did with so many foliage pieces in my green bin that I decided to try to use as many as possible in one model on a 16x16 plate. They were all impressed and told me I should submit this on ideas because they liked it so much.

When I see this model, I think of my friends that inspired me to build it. I have always wanted a real-life tree house, but a LEGO one is just as good because I can customise it and enjoy it even when it's raining. 

Imagine how a tree house put in a swampy area would become overgrown over time. Imagine the animals that would find that land and call it home. Imagine all of the adventures people could have there. 

Thank you for checking out my project! I hope you like it!

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