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Keith Haring - Brickheadz

Keith Haring - Brickheadz

Next up in artists whose work influenced me, is Keith Haring. Keith Haring was a Pennsylvania-born New York graffiti artist. His work is distinctly recognizable—often being bold chalk outlines of people, dogs, or stylized images.

As his work and celebrity grew in the art world, Keith took commissions for murals, but often would contribute his work for free to hospitals, day cares, and schools. His work centered around bringing awareness to societal issues he cared about—LGBTQ+ rights, AIDS awareness, and several other social issues.

I knew Keith Haring’s work well before I knew who Keith Haring was. His bold, colorful chalk outlines of folks and dogs are everywhere—often showing up in collaboration with clothing brands and designers.

Brickheadz Keith and his barking dog painting would love to join your bookshelf!

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