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Zombie House

Hello. I'm Iyan Ha. This project is Zombie House.

This house doesn't really exist.
Without reference, I designed it myself from beginning to end.

I worked with Studio 2.0 and Part Designer program. The submitted photos are rendering images.
A total of 2131 parts were used, including all the parts of the minifigures (6) and animals (bulldog 1, crow 5, mouse 1).

Zombies roam the whole village.
A couple of neighbors also became zombies.
The cry of a neighbor's baby is heard by a couple trying to escape somewhere else.
The baby who was there was not affected because the stairs leading up to the attic on the second floor broke down.
The couple can't get past their neighbor's baby.
Can they defeat zombies and get the baby out of their neighbor's house?
What would you do? Would you risk saving the baby? Or will you run away?
I would enter the house to rescue. Because the baby is there.

In one corner of the second floor where the baby is located, many bills, gold bars, and diamonds that the owner has and has not used up are secretly stored. (You can see this place by separating the chimney).
This wealth makes anyone think a lot.
These belongings, which the owner couldn't use, show that they are no more important than health or normal, happy daily life.
The owner of the house who became a zombie doesn't even know what money is now. Money will never be the first priority.
I'm not sure, but the couple who went to save the baby may find the wealth. It may mean that if anyone does good things on their own, good things will come.
But on the contrary, the couple can waste time trying to get the property.
Or the couple could be attacked by zombies because they don't have hands to hold weapons.
There are always two sides to wealth. It can save or corrupt people.
If you can only choose between wealth and the baby, of course you should choose the baby.
Because the treasure is not bills or gold bars, but the baby.

This project has a simple story of rescuing the baby.
And the structure of the work is a landscape of a house as a whole.
The concept is that the beautiful house was destroyed.
And the season also felt a sudden change from summer to autumn.
There are trees and rock grass around the red-fenced house. The grass color is dull because of the shady vibes of zombies.
The zombie come out of the ground at the entrance to the house. (Separate the lower body and combine the upper body with the ground).
And a red mailbox with a broken neck and a broken kennel are placed. The dog also became a zombie.
There is a navy door near the low stairs, and there are glass windows and broken walls on the walls. Zombies roam around it. To express the once beautiful house, a pretty vine was made on the roof.
Crows sit on towering chimneys and roofs and streetlights.
The back wall of the building opens, so you can see the inside of the building.
You can easily open the hinge by inserting your finger into a large hole in the wall.
The floor was damaged and there was a big hole, and the tables and chairs were out of place or fell.
Things and food roll on the floor. (These are secured to the floor with clips or studs).
The stairs to the attic are broken by zombies. You can see the attic by separating one part of the roof.
The attic has the baby thanks to the broken stairs, and various items are stored.
The chimney is also separated, so you can see the inside.
There are jewels and cash that the landlord has been infected with and has never used.

I tried to make the work strong.
I know well that a good product should have solidity.
A nice exterior and interior will have to be strong first.
The plates and bricks were interlaced, and the bottom plates were also fastened together.
Many arched parts were used to withstand loads for robust design throughout the roof and buildings.
And it was completed by inserting a girder in the part with a long wall.

Some minifigures used what was in Studio 2.0 as it was. And others were created using a Parts Designer program, referring to existing genuine products because Studio 2.0 did not have Zombie Torso updated.
The most important baby minifigure was not updated in Studio 2.0, so after painting the real thing in yellow green, I took a picture and synthesized it into a rendering image.
Bulldog could not be designed as Part Designer (no updates), so the puppy was also synthesized.

I think zombies are appropriate as the main theme of the product.
It will be very fun and interesting.
Zombies are always a popular theme, and everyone knows them. It is a good topic enough to appear in many media such as movies, dramas, comic books, novels, and games.
I am also very interested in zombies. Many people will be happy if a LEGO product featuring zombies is released.
I hope that LEGO products, which are the main theme of zombies, will come out someday.

That's all about the Zombie House.
Thank you to everyone who watches my work and the LEGO Ideas Team.

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