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Sweet Honey: Its a Sticky Job


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Thanks for taking a look at my idea. Beekeeping has become a passion of mine for a few years now and Lego has always been something I enjoyed creating with. I want to bring my 2 passions together in a way that brings about something both fun to play and educational as well as something that would be enjoyed just as a decorative piece. 
Beehive Frame 
The frame here, like one used in a actual beehive, has two sides to it. First off is the side with all the honeycomb being filled in by the bees. These bees can be placed in many of the different locations around the frame how you see fit. They can also be removed and placed on the back side which is a flower garden patch. The bees can be placed on a variety of these flowers. Represented in the garden are: Dandelions (you may not know that these are actually a very important early spring pollen source for bees. Even though they are often seen as weeds, they are loved by bees), Oxeye Daisy, Snapdragon, Poppy, Borage, and Lavender. The frame sits on a hexagon shaped stand as to not tip over and to tie in one more element we see with bees. 
Backyard Hive Plate: 
This is where it all starts! We have a 10 frame Lansgsrove style box represented here were the top can be removed and 10 Lego 2x2 tiles actually slide in and out perfectly. We also have their source of water and pollen shown here, but did you know that bees will actually travel up to 3 miles to gather pollen? That’s a long ways for a little bee. 
Honey Extraction Plate: 
When it comes to harvesting honey there are a few options and a number of steps involved in the process of getting that oh so delicious honey! Easily my favorite step of the process. Obviously we leave enough for the bees but the extra can be taken inside to extract. The method shown here is an extractor that will spin the honey out after cutting or scratching open the wax cappings. They also go through a very fine strainer and after it rests to get the air bubbles out, its bottled up! We can also see that this beekeeper has rendered some of the wax as seen in the cabinet drawers, another useful product that we get from bees.
Honey Stand Plate: 
The beekeeper doesn’t stop caring for his bees even though the honey is harvested but now that the work is done he can enjoy and share the many things made with honey. He has a few things available such as 3 sizes of honey: a big jar, medium jar, and my favorite: a minifigure shaped jar! You can also find at this beekeeper's stand is whipped honey that turns into an almost buttery white spreadable honey, comb honey for those who like to eat right off of the comb (it's safe but chewy), and some honey baked goodies. If you want superb honey, buy it from a local beekeeper. They don’t cook the good stuff out. 
I hope you enjoy this set and would support the idea. Please leave a comment as I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, or just let me know what you liked. Bonus points for bee puns 😊  

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