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Around This Beautiful World - Working Model

The world is beautiful and sometimes we forget that! I think that nothing is better than a world tour on a motorbike to remember how great it is!
It is a working model where we can use an handle to move the street and the "wheel symbols" under the principal structure and when the street is moved it move together the motorbike's wheel.
The wheel symbols is a dish where there are the symbols of four great nation that you can see in this trip:

- China with his beautiful temples and his great culture of the good and the evil in us;

- Italy with the Venetian gondolas, the food, especially the pizza, and the music;

- Usa with his metropolitan cities, the great flag and the eagle that guards on the nation from the sky;

- Brasil with the "Christ Redeemer" of Rio de Janeiro that for me is one of the most beautiful statue in the world, his colorful parrots and the carnival with his headgear;

The principal structure is a storage for the gears and the support for the wheel and for the girdle of the street. There is also some parts of street front and back the girdle and a road signal that represent the finish of the limit, because a world tour has no limits!

This model is composed in total  of 718 parts!

"10.000 votes can make this a real Lego set! It's free to support, so hit the "support" button if you want this set at home".

We are all citizen of the only real nation that exist: the earth! and I think everyone of us love the world and also it is very cool watch the wheel when it turn and simultaneously the street go straight on. This is because I believe this would be a great Lego set!

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