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8850 Rally Truck - Liftarm Edition 2012

I really love this TECHNIC set from 1990 and I rebuilt it with new pieces what were not available in that age.
I redesigned chassis and build entire body with liftarms, looking for a similar an renewed style.

You can compare with this photos:

Up the old version and down the new one:

Mechanics are done with new type gears, Hand of God with Knob Wheels, Seats with red liftarms, Motor is build with new tipe pieces, Differential is new type, Tires are 62.4 x 20, and It has the possiblity of motorizing it wiht Power Functions (Coming Soon). Even if TLC would consider reedit the Technic Fig It could be an awsome add to TECHNIC Theme

It could be a great idea Reedit this set with this new style. :)

You can check all the mechanics and construction in Brickshelf Gallery.

Thanks for support!

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