Product Idea |

Bubble Bobble

  • Project:
    this set is a very simple reproduction of the primary characters of the classic 8-bit videogame Bubble Bobble, in a flat style.
  • Why I built it?:
    I built it because I would to create something to beautify the gray and sad desk of my office but which does not occupy too much space on my desk, remembering the carefree than when I was younger.
  • Should it be a great LEGO set?: YES, it should.
    • It is supposed to be attractive to nostalgic people of 80s' video games and all new player generations.
    • Bubble Bobble has been one of the classic arcade videogames that 80s' generation most deeply love and that, from 80s to today continues to attract players of all ages.
    • The characters are supposed to be placed on a desk or can be placed in a frame on the wall. 

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