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Classic Town Style Snack Bar


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Every town, every city, in fact every beach and park need a snack bar and this one specializes in soft serve ice cream.

Only has one minifig in this set idea, but a second and even third ones could be added - i.e. child with parent or grand parent.

This set contain a touch screen cash register and a brick built soft serve machine.

It has been a long time waiting for Lego Town or City to have a new snack bar that doesn't serve pizza.

The green container on the front of the base plate is a rubbish bin and the base plate itself is a 8 stud x 16 stud type.

The signs are similar to the original late 1970's snack bar.

At some stage a drinks dispenser and menu sign might be added.

If you like this set idea please support and follow it, thanks for reading and Brick On everyone ! 

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