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Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Puzzle-Box Set

This Ancient Egyptian Jewelry Box 3-Piece Set is inspired by the art of the Ancient Egyptians, a love of puzzles, and a much-needed place to store my jewelry. In honor of the Ancient Egyptian's love of beauty, puzzles, and false doors, these elegant boxes all have simple but mysterious ways of opening. Keep thieves and tomb robbers away from your most prized trinkets or, at least, trick your friends and family. 

The Blue & Gold Mosaic Box (113 pc.) is great for holding stud earrings, small gems, trinkets, etc.

The Golden-Arch Necklace Box (293 pc), the most puzzle-like of them all, is perfect for keeping necklace chains, curiosities, or maybe the Golden Brick? One end slides out, but which one? 

The Star & Moon Box is a two-drawer jewelry box (627 pc). The top drawer has cones for holding a multitude of rings. Slide the top drawer out, and beneath, you'll find a Mosaic compartment for storing bracelets. 

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