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Mini-fig Scale Project Gemini


5000 supporters! We are halfway there!!!

Thank you so much to all the supporters so far!  We are halfway there!  If you want this to get to 10k to potentially become a set, help spread the word.  Again, thank you so much!!!


2k Supporters! Thank you!

Thanks for all the continued support and kind comments!  We've reached 2000 supporters!  Let's keep this up and reach 10k!  I've added a Twitter page (@legogemini) for those who would like to help spread the word and see occasional updates. 

Thanks again!



We've Reached Over 1000 Supporters!

Wow!  Thanks everyone so far for your support!  We've reached over 1000 supporters in just a few days!  Help spread the word and let's get to this to 10,000 supporters!  Thanks for all of your kind comments and support!  Here is a link to an animation I made for this project:



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