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The ultimate underwater vehicle, shaped like a realistic submarine.
It features interior (room for 4 minifigures although 2 is better for comfort).
It has a total of 331 pieces (I may have over-used printed tiles on the interior).

Currently I'm looking for someone to help me render the LDD design so it looks more real (and therefor more appealing so it attracts more visitors).

The submarine has 6 observation windows (three on each side). which are built from technic bricks with transparent studs (so you can actually see through them).

I would love to build this submarine in real bricks but unfortunatly I do not have the right parts in the right colors to do that, buying those parts is not even possible because some of them simply do not excist in this color.

Side view I tried to vary in used parts but I think that, in order to become a good set, it also needs more variation in color.
Or maybe some nice stickers on the hull will do.

I hope you like it as much as I do because I would definitely buy it.

Check out mocpages for more pictures and alternate colors!
(Yellow, Red, Dark gray and Sandgreen).

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