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Glenfinnan Viaduct - The famous curved Scottish Railway Bridge

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The Glenfinnan Viaduct is a railway viaduct on the West Highland Line in GlenfinnanInverness-shireScotland. Located at the top of Loch Shiel in the West Highlands of Scotland, the viaduct overlooks the Glenfinnan Monument and the waters of Loch Shiel. It began construction in 1897 and was opened in 1901. It’s been described as one of the great wonders of Scottish engineering and even features on one of The Bank of Scotland’s £10 notes, the distinctive curved construction is one of it's most famous features.

The bridge attracts almost 300,000 visitors per year now from the world over after being made famous by a certain film series and it has appeared in no less than four of those films as well as several other TV series and films. During the summer months the Jacobite Express steam train puffs its way along it a couple of times a day.

Having not built with Lego since my childhood and being amazed by the Harry Potter Lego sets my partner builds and collects, I decided to rekindle my youth and design this build. It is also a gift to her.

It’s been made up entirely of Genuine Lego bricks, after discovering pick a brick at our local Lego store -mainly 1x2 bricks which has made for both a challenging and rewarding build. I went for a couple of colours to help break up the bluish grey bricks as in real life the bridge is rather weathered! The curve has been created by inspiration taken from Lego modular buildings and how the floors are put together. I've used some small black and brown pieces on top for a bit of a ballast effect too. In total I would think the viaduct represents several thousand pieces.

Having a Lego design become a set would be a dream come true to me and seeing my creation come to life would be awesome so, if you'd like to see this iconic Scottish piece of architecture come to life, lend it some support and I hope that you enjoy looking at it as much I've enjoyed designing and creating it!

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