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Star Killer Base Final Duel


This set is based on the Star Wars Episode VII final battle at Star Killer base when Rey and Finn battle against the evil Kylo Ren. What inspired me to do this is that in all the sets that LEGO have previously bought out they never bought out a set with these 3 figures together or anything apart from the battle pack that included elements of Star Killer Base. So I thought I would create this small Final Battle scene because nothing had ever been done like this before.

I've put five trees on top to represent the snowy forest scene. I used a single brick with five studs and have used four 6x1 pieces to create the tree trunks. I have added orange slanted one pieces to create the lava effect from when the planet surface was splitting up. I have used a 2x1 fat brick with a cross hole in the middle of it to hold the light sabre that Ren and Rey are fighting to possess. As an added feature I have added a toppling tree to mark the moment in the film when Ren uses Force powers to throw Rey into a tree. There are extra tiles added on the surface to give the effect of snow and rough terrain. Also the pieces are layered to give extra detail.

If LEGO were to consider the idea of making this, it might be good to use a slightly bigger base plate and change the depth and appearance of the lava. With a bigger base there would also be more room for additional trees and snow effects. Regarding the mini figures a more authentic look for Rey's torso could be designed and also an even more aggressive Kylo Ren facial expression.

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