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Green Scorpion

    The 'Green Scorpion' is the off-road car of your minifigures' dreams! With all-wheel drive, repositionable laser cannon/antenna combo, two-seater chassis, mottled green paint job, sleek design, and two minifigure driver/gunners, this car would be a great addition to any LEGO fanatic's collection!
    Like most other builds I make, this one was made by dismantling other designs. Even if you only buy LEGO sets for parts, you won't be disappointed. The lime pieces that make up the laser/antenna, and the rear (Gunner's) windscreen, are rare pieces that can be used in many other ways. If you buy the sets for play, this is a set that could be a prize sports car in a favorite minifigure's garage, an explorer's vehicle, a battle vehicle, and as many other things as you can think up! If it becomes a LEGO set, I hope it brings joy into every household it enters.

(Just to Clarify: Baseplate sold separately)

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