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Tundra Buggy® One


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We are so excited to share our new collaborative Product Idea - a model of Tundra Buggy® One. Collaborators on this Product Idea are polar bear enthusiasts and co-parents, LEGO Ideas Community members, OhioDude and U.maritimus. OhioDude’s work is included with his explicit permission. All third party logos seen in this submission are stickers and have been printed and applied as a part of the model with explicit permission.

Every fall, hundreds of polar bears gather near Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, on Hudson Bay to wait for the sea ice to form. It’s one of the most extraordinary events in the natural world, offering a rare glimpse into the lives of these unique animals.

Tundra Buggy® One is a mobile broadcast studio and polar bear research station that traverses this Canadian subarctic tundra. Polar Bears International and Frontiers North Adventures with the help of their partner,, conduct research and offer shared learning experiences aboard Tundra Buggy® One, while venturing on a network of established trails in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area and the frozen tidal flats of Cape Churchill in Wapusk National Park, with polar bears just outside!

The town of Churchill, Manitoba works hard to co-exist with its polar bears and proudly calls itself the “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” During the season leading up to sea ice freeze-up, a thriving tourism industry lets visitors observe polar bears in their natural setting.

Tundra Buggy® One houses staff and visiting scientists and educators. It is outfitted with tools and equipment that link world-renowned polar bear scientists and educators with viewers around the globe. Innovative technology aboard Tundra Buggy® One broadcasts live polar bear cams and educational webcasts from the remote tundra. It shares up-to-date information on Churchill’s polar bears with audiences around the world. 

Working and traveling in the North can be unpredictable and the mobile broadcast studio is also equipped with living quarters to keep people safe and warm while polar bears roam outside. This Product Idea includes many features to discover polar bears and STEM jobs in science, education, and research - all features we consider fun with new opportunities for play in a LEGO set!

  • Massive tires, over 5 feet tall, help Tundra Buggy® One roll across the rough terrain and keep people up high, safe from polar bears. 

  • In the back of the vehicle, Tundra Buggy® One has sleeping quarters - bunk beds to sleep in, drawer storage for gear and personal items, a heater to keep people warm and cook pizza or make hot chocolate.

  • There’s a bank of batteries that can be accessed beneath the floor that allows Tundra Buggy® One to operate live cameras and power wifi all day long without running the engine. Tundra Buggy® One even has a bathroom for when nature calls.

  • In the front is where the scientists sit, speaking to learners LIVE with polar bears right outside the window. Behind the panelists, Tundra Buggy® One has the joystick that controls the LIVE cams outside and inside the Tundra Buggy® and computers to mix an engaging show with pics and videos during the virtual connections, all working to produce the signal that broadcasts polar bears across the world.

  • Up front, Tundra Buggy® One also has the driver’s seat that allows it to drive around and find polar bears!

  • Extended from the top of the vehicle you can find the antenna that connects to the wireless internet signal that enables the vehicle to broadcast polar bears (via a camera on the front of the vehicle) into your own home across the globe! A window into the polar bear’s life, offering close-up views of moms snuggling with cubs, large male bears play-wrestling, and young bears testing the ice along the shore.

  • And when it’s safe with a bear monitor on the ground, you can access all the mechanics of Tundra Buggy® One including the huge tires, water tank, fuel tank, and propane tank for maintenance.  

Don't forget to check out the real Tundra Buggy® One and view other vehicles like this in the Polar Bear Capital of the World. Please support our Product Idea and share it with others! Thank you for considering our work and let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

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