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Classic Space Explorers

This is my latest design for an ultimate Classic Space LEGO set.
I just love spaceships.

The play features are pretty much just what you see. There are four vehicles that all join together.

The Front Ship
This two person shuttle acts as the nose cone for the midsection when leaving the atmosphere of a planet. It can also detach to do its own missions.

The Hub
The Hub is the midsection. It has a garage for the rover, a cockpit for a pilot, a really big gun and the interstellar engines. All the other vehicles join on to this one. The hub can stay in orbit while the Front Ship and Scout go down to a planet for initial scans. Once the Front Ship reattaches, the Hub can enter atmosphere too, so it can land and let the rover out to move around.

The Rover
I've got to have a little ground craft in one of these sets. It can also hover and kinda fly.

The Scout
The scout was the first thing I put together in this whole set. It's the fast little ship you want for quick reconnaissance once you're down on a new planet.

Recommended build order:
Front Ship

I design sets that I want. All the LEGO I buy is space LEGO.
Thank you for checking this out.

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