Product Idea |


It's a small build. a really small build. But to me that's what's it all about.
I want this to become the smallest Ideas set ever released! that would be so cool!
I tried to build one famous character from my childhood "Calimero".
The little guy with half an egg on his head. 
I started with building his head obviously, I tried to make it look recognizable yet as small as possible.
As a final touch I added his little sack he is carrying. As for the eyes I used just 2 simple printed round tiles. Of course he's totally black, just like the original.

I build this little guy just because I was a little bit nostalgic. After my previous builds who are much bigger, I wanted to keep it tiny. I've always been a bit nostalgic about my childhood. a Bigger build? Nah let's build a smaller one, and here it is! Calimero is a character I remember very good. The little chicken colored my childhood as it was on my screen every single day. So while thinking about a new build, this one was an easy pick. 

This would be so amazing if it could be a true set. this could be as small as a poly bag! the First poly bag lego ideas set! it would just be awesome! It looks like the original drawings from Calimero. this would be great! The world tends to always want things to get bigger and larger, so that' what makes the difference to me!