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Construction Grader


This is the Construction Grader, in the construction world it is used to grade and level roads to get roads ready for paving. The blade on the machine can raise or lower and rotate side to side depending on the height desired for its grade. 

I've been collecting lego's for years and in that time I haven't seen a set design in the construction lego category of a Grader to add to the construction vehicle equipment, so I thought it would be a great set to add to any construction set collection.

I believe this set would be popular like I've mentioned above this has not been created before and it would be awesome to add it to my construction area in my lego city, I believe there are few lego sets that you can have multiple of the same set in a single lego city creation and this would be a good set for that exact thing. Being in construction myself there are times when we have more than 1 of the same type of equipment at a job site. 

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