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Galaxy Skyfall

Calling all pilots! The Milky Way is under threat by the growing E-Keqe threat! The Military is in shambles after the last invasion. It is now up to you and your partners to prevent the next! Gear up and take the fight to them this time. 

Alrighty Pilot, it’s time to get you on your way to the fight. Let’s get you started with the basics, you can take the helm of one of the five fighters I’ve got available for you: Warp, Lance, Granite, Equipoise and Eagle. They’ve all got their own little specs to them already, but it’s your job to equip your ship for the job.

Every ship here has a preset level of each system: Agility, Speed, Hull and Shielding. Agility allows you to use hyperspace lanes and escape from battles. Speed dictates how many spaces you can move per turn. Hull Health shows you how many hits your ship can take before you gotta eject. Your Shields protect your ship’s Hull from all damage, once your shields are depleted, your Hull will be exposed to attack!

Now each ship has a number of Combat Modules that can be fitted with various weapons targeting certain systems of enemy vessels. The Kinetic Tractor Beam is great for taking out your opponents RCS Agility systems, the Hull Blaster is perfect for after you knock out their Shields, the Shield Sapper is pretty self-explanatory: it’ll drain Shield Strength like nobody’s business, and the Inhibitor Missile will blast out the engines on the enemy reducing their Speed.

Secondly, these ships also have Thruster Modules which will allow you to upgrade your Speed and Agility. Install Fuel Cells to increase your Speed, or RCS Packages to up your Agility.

Oh! Also, most ships are relatively weak without some sort of reinforcements (it’s a marketing ploy I swear) So make sure to slap on a Shield Booster or Hull Reinforcement– or both if your ship has the space.

But let’s not forget about your Allies in the field, if you’re flying with a buddy or two put on one of the repair modules: RCS Injection, Fuel Pod, Energy Pod, Repair Pod. Those will allow you to restore your allies’ systems a little bit. Luckily these don’t require a specific module to be equipped, they will fit into any open slot. But they can only be used on your allies, sadly not on yourself.

Now that you’re all set up in the equipment department, I’m going to teach you how to fly. Each turn you can move the number of spaces on the play field corresponding to the amount of Speed that you have (1 space for every orange stud). If you want to take some shortcuts, make sure you have enough Agility (at least 3 green studs) to use Hyperspace Lanes. 

Be wary though, your enemies move too:

Strykes will actively seek you out and attack you, they’re weak but will cause some damage to you engines if there are enough of them. 

Vices will patrol two battle spaces at a time, but if you come near them, they will rush you towards you as fast as they can and attack You can avoid them by staying two Battlespaces away.

Belloms will wait for you to show up, then attack you with everything they’ve got, you’d better commit to those fights though, they will sap your Agility Systems like crazy making escape seem like a dream. When a Goliath is around though, they will be more aggressive and actively seek you and your allies out.

Goliath will ruin you if you are not careful. Goliath can move up to 9 spaces at a time and can attack two ships at a time and move within the same turn. Unlike every other ship, E-Keqe and Human alike, the Goliath can attack from a whole Battlespace away and knock you out of a Battlespace by entering it, so best to stay in flight zones and deal with the minions first, then attack with your allies at the same time.

Combat can only happen in a Battlespace (hexagonal fields). When you engage in combat with your enemy you have two options: fight or flight.

When fighting, every ship in the Battlespace takes a turn attacking each other in a counter-clockwise fashion. starting with the farthest left. After all involved opponents finish their turns in the Battlespace, then all the players and E-Keqe on the field will take their respective turns moving.

In the event that you or one of your allies is destroyed while fighting for the galaxy, be on the lookout for Vices and Strykes carrying Ally Plates. These plates will allow you to revive any fallen ally, who will then “respawn” back at the nearest available Start Space (blue spaces). But be careful! If you are destroyed while holding onto an Ally Plate, you will lose that Plate for good.

The aim of each mission is to obliterate the E-Keqe leadership. To access each Leader (Belloms and Goliath) you and your allies must destroy the Energy Shield Nodes scattered throughout each Map. 

After you’re all done saving the galaxy from impending doom, take some time and have fun with your buddies. Create your own missions! Or compete with your friends in multiplayer! 

Create teams by simply attaching Ally Plates of your selected ship color to two Strykes and Two Vices and begin playing! Make up your own rules! This is a Lego Game after all.


Enemy Movement Mechanics inspired by: Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

The Idea and Urge To Make The Game In General: Heroica

Story: Destiny 2

Customization Mechanics: Elite Dangerous

Game Creation: Come on… it was me. ;D

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