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Robin's Quad Bike

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In the UK, a daily newspaper ran a promotion on Lego, there was a couple of DC Super Heroes sets available. This inspired me to think of a set that could be another Super Heroes Polybag set or a set that would be sold for £4.50 etc.

There has been lots of quad bike sets over the years so I wanted to do one with subtle differences.

The rear mudguard is hinged so the "flick missiles" can clear Robin's head. Although I have used the 1x1 slopes in black and red, I would have used 1x2 slopes if I had them.

I like the way the front panel worked out, mounting a 3x2 gave me 6 studs to play about with. You could change the middle 2 tiles to black to create a stripe, but I preferred the all red.

Here is a Batman 1 version of the Quad with a slightly different colour scheme and the older style "flick missiles". I actually built this quad first then modified it for the new DC Comics Super Heroes and I preferred the simpler colour scheme.

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