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Cable-Powered Cable Car

This San Francisco inspired cable car uses just over 250 total pieces not including track. Tired of those bulky battery packs taking up all the space in your little trolley cars in your city? Want to have a cable car to whisk your minifigures up and down city streets rather they be on flat land or up a hill? Well, with this, you can! Set up your track on your layout as usual, at at the end set a motor up with a piece of string to pull it up those pesky hills or around your city! Make a loop and have one puling the car up and the other pulling it down! Put as many cable cars on the line as your heart desires. The model has seats on the inside along with seat on the outside, handrails for minifigures to hang on as you climb hills and a back platform along with a switch based off the ones used in the real Cable cars that a car-operator can flip up or down!

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