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Double-Decker coach


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In the past lego made the railroad clubcar, this was a bi-level railcar and a great set. Sadly no bi-level railcars were produced after that one. For that reason I designed this set.

As told this is a bi-level railcar. The set exits of two cars, they both have four seats and two tables in the top-layer and panorama windows. And they both have two beds and normal windows in the bottom layer. The panorama windows can be opened to excess the top-layer. If you take out the entire top-layer you can excess the bottom-layer (see pictures). In the door way part and balcony (the part with the one window) of the car I have placed no seats or tables.

The train is painted in the horizon express collars because this was a great lego set. This also means that no stickers are necessary .The doors in these cars are double (see the picture from one door). These cars share a bogey in the middle.

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