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Robotech Pilots Brickheadz - 40th Anniversary


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About Robotech and this Idea

Robotech was a science fiction franchise that was released in the United States in 1985, based on three different Japanese animation series, the first of them released in 1982 and called Super Dimension Fortress Macross. This year is the 40th anniversary of the first series that inspired Robotech, and in 2025, is going to be 40 years since the world met Rick Hunter, the main character of the series, for the first time.

With your support and a bit of luck, this set could be out by 2025 to celebrate the 40 years of such an iconic and globally popular series! 

This set was created to commemorate the best pilots ever known in the Robotech universe: Rick Hunter, Roy Fokker, Max Sterling and Miriya Parina Sterling. With the Valkyrie being such an unique transformable starfighter, to have a set displaying their pilots would be an amazing way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Robotech.

The Project

There are many memorable characters from the Robotech series and while it would be great to see them in minifigure form one day, this project aims to have highly detailed Brickheadz with the most known pilots of the series.

There are 5 Brickheadz included: 

  • Rick Hunter, in 2 forms: with the stunt pilot suit and with the red and white suit of a United Earth Forces pilot.
  • Roy Fokker, Rick’s “Big Brother” and inspiration, in his gray and black pilot suit.
  • Max Sterling, who joined later during the first Robotech Wars, with his blue and white suit.
  • Miriya Parina Sterling, a former ace pilot of the Zentraedi who fell in love with Max, switched sides, and became part of the SDF-1 crew, in her red and white suit.

Each one of the Brickheadz is attempting to be true to the LEGO spirit of this line and displaying traits from the original characters at the same time. As a Robotech fan, I’d love to see something from this franchise as an official set and I hope you would as well and support this project.

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