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Classic Legos Santa


As a 41-year-old father of two young kids that love legos just like their dad, they asked me to add to the festive decorations with a Santa creation last year.  I realized that upon my investigation there were so few festive sets on the market.  The goal of this set is to be something that a parent and a  younger lego builder (possibly 4-7) could participate with and help create that in turn could be used as a part of the annual tradition of a seasonal creation that could be rebuilt each year. I would love to see more sets that allow for younger lego builders to participate as well as be a part of the holiday traditions of rebuilding a set.  As a proud 100% Dane - I would be honored and so thankful to see a set creation become something that kids around the world could enjoy as they decorate for the holiday season.  :)

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